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Created for Hanks Jam 2019.


You've just reached the final round of Hanks League, a winner-take-all card tournament sponsored by actor Tom Hanks. On the eve before your big match against Hanks himself, someone steals your winning stash of cards. Now, with only hours remaining before the final contest, you must rebuild your collection or risk forfeiting everything you've worked to achieve. 

Do you have what it takes?

Hanks League is a short RPG adventure inspired by the television and film career of Tom Hanks. Card game mechanics based on Triple Triad from the Final Fantasy series.


Moghunter - Master Demo (for RPG Maker VX Ace)

Raizen - Triple Triad Demo (inspired by Square's Final Fantasy series)

L.S.E. - Original music


Keyboard configuration:

From the main map:

A key - Launches the challenge dialogue when you talk to a character. 

Z key - Confirms choices and also launches mini-dialogues with characters.

X key – Escape command (go back). Also brings up inventory menu. Your card album is under Items -> Key Items

From the card selection screen (once you initiate a match):

Z key - Removes the card you hover over from your hand

Down direction arrow - Moves the pointer down to the card selection box. From there, move up and down to select a card with the Z key.

X key - Returns the pointer to the cards in your hand. You'll notice that the card under the pointer lifts up. Pressing the X key a second time from that position, will launch the match.


During a match:

Z key - Confirms your card choice and also drops the card on the board once you hover over the square where you want to place the card

X key - Negates the card choice and returns the pointer to the cards in your hand 

A key - Lets you see the rules in play for the match


Post-match card selection screen:

Left and right directional arrow – Moves the pointer down to the opponent’s cards, when applicable. From there, you can select which card you want to take with the Z key.

*Note: For some types of matches, the card choice will be made automatically, and you’ll just need to exit the menu.

X key – Exits the selection menu and returns you to the map.


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