Dating back to more than 5000 years ago, the oldest complete board game ever discovered was found inside the royal tombs at the ancient Sumerian city of Ur in Mesopotamia. The original name of the game remains unknown, and so it has become known as The Royal Game of Ur.

The complete rules have been lost to time, but many games historians, most notably Irving Finkel of the British Museum, have used various pieces of evidence to break new ground and piece together the rules from a later period.

The game is very simple to learn and play and will provide many sessions of relaxed enjoyment for those needing a break from the stresses of the day.


A special thanks to quill18 for the incredible Unity tutorial series that made this game possible.


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So your rules are pretty far off from the rules we know of today. Even when you first published this we translated some betting rules to know what the game play was like. Otherwise not bad at all, if you want to look into this the British museum has videos on it specifically some with Tom Scott a youtuber.

I appreciate the feedback. It's funny you mentioned Tom Scott, since this project uses the simple version of the rules featured in the video where he plays Ur on a physical game board against Irving Finkel of the British Museum. It was actually one of the first videos I watched before starting everything, and I was hooked right away. Thanks a lot for trying out the game.

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Very possible. I've also read that some people think it might have influenced backgammon too. Thanks for checking out the game. I really hope you enjoyed it.

P. S. - That was a good game on the video playthrough. The AI got me like that way too many times. So close...

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